Thank you from your winner – Emma

emmafeeneyHi everyone, 
I’ve been asked to write a short message to you all on my thoughts on the event.
The first thought that comes to mind is how much fun this was! I am absolutely delighted to have been a part of it. And I know my fellow Food Science zone pals, Dilip, Ruth, Andrew and John will all agree, it’s been a great two weeks.

Who would have thought that being asked questions on a screen could make you literally laugh out loud? But it did! (Much to the disturbance of my office-mates).

The format was unusual – a friend at work described it as an ‘old school chat room’ – but, it was surprisingly interactive. And it was incredibly fast-paced. By the end, I really felt like I was getting to know a lot of you, and all of the other scientists in the zone as well.

The questions you asked were brilliant. Some were a bit odd! But most of them were really thought-provoking. Like, how DOES a cow make milk? Or, how can cheese made with moulds be good for us? You certainly got me thinking.

The other four scientists were brilliant, and so much fun as well – a big shout out to Dilip, Ruth, Andrew and John – you were all fab, and especially to John, who even logged in from a wedding he was attending in England to the Friday’s open chat – that is some serious dedication to the science communication cause!

I hope that you all had as good a time asking us questions as we did answering them, and hopefully, some of you will even consider science as a career choice in the future.

All that remains is to say a massive thank-you to you all, and – watch this space for the Tongue analyser app!


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